WiSe: Anmeldungen zu Mündlichen Leselistenprüfungen


In the summer semester 2020, two examination dates are offered for the oral examinations in the module "Exemplary Readings". The examinations on the first examination date will take place from 15 to 17 September 2020, the examinations on the second examination date from 22 to 24 September 2020.


Registration procedure

1. registration via RWTHonline:

As with all other exams, the registration deadline for both exam dates is one week before the respective exam date. For organizational reasons, we urge you to register early.

2. appointment allocation via RWTHmoodle:

The distribution of individual exam dates and the submission of reading lists is done via RWTHmoodle. By choosing your preferred date, you also decide on a pair of examiners, which consists of one examiner from the ÄDL and one from the NDL. After your registration in RWTHonline you will get access to a corresponding Moodle study room. The Moodle learning room for both exam dates is expected to be available from 03.02.2020. We ask for your understanding that the transfer of the registration data from RWTHonline to RWTHmoodle may take some time, as it currently still has to be done by hand.

3. submission of individual reading lists via RWTHmoodle:

Please save the completed form with your personal reading list and a pdf document with copies of your selected poems and short texts from the NDL portion of the reading list under a file name that includes your last name, and upload both documents to the RWTHmoodle study room at least three weeks before your exam date. Please note that you will not be able to edit the documents once they have been uploaded! If additions or corrections are necessary from the examiner's point of view, they will contact you directly.

The reading lists are to be submitted by 22.02.2021. In case of late submission of the reading list, the examiners reserve the right to select the texts to be covered in the exam themselves.

Examinations will take place digitally via video conferencing system (Zoom) this semester. Further information can be found in the moodle learning room as well as in the consolidated handout, which can be downloaded enclosed. Detailed information on the preparation, requirements and procedure of the oral examinations can be found in the introduction to the Aachen Reading List. For factual questions, the lecturers of the reading colloquia are at your disposal. Please contact Dr. Yashar Mohagheghi with questions about the registration procedure (at RWTHonline)at campus@germlit.rwth-aachen.de zw. about the Moodle study rooms.