Curriculum Vitae


Born on 24.08.1955 in Aachen, grew up in Bayreuth and Aachen, there from

1962 to 1966 attendance of elementary school

1966 to 1975 attendance of the mathematical and scientific Couven-Gymnasium

03.06.1975 High school graduation

1975/76 Civil service

WS 1976/77 to SS 1981 Study of German and Political Science at the RWTH Aachen University

02.07.1981 Master of Arts

From winter term 1981/82 research assistant at the chair for older German literature at the RWTH Aachen University

01.01.1983 to 31.12.1985 PhD scholarship of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Since 1985 publication of poems, short stories, short prose, excerpts from a larger novel project and poetological essays in journals and anthologies; for more information see Westfälisches Literaturbüro in Unna and Wikipedia

13.02.1986 Doctorate at the TU Berlin in German Medieval Studies under Thomas Cramer

01.05.1986 to 31.03.1987 Research assistant at the Chair of Modern German Literary History

01.04.1987 to 30.09.1989 Post-doctoral fellowship from the German Research Foundation (DFG), during this time a total of one year's research stay in Vienna on archival work (Ernst Fischer estate) and first encounter with the work of Hans Lebert

1988 Invitation to the INTER-AKTIONEN (Munich) by the IJA (Initiative of Young Authors)

from 01.10.1989 Scientific employee at the Chair for Modern German Literary History at the RWTH Aachen University, teaching in the basic and advanced study period

1990 Erika Burkart grant for poetry

22.08.1991 Marriage with Dr. Elke Kasper

1991 to 1995 publication of the Black Library in Europa-Verlag, Vienna (including 4 volumes Hans Lebert)

01.09.1994 to 29.02.1996 and 01.07.1996 to 31.03.1997 Approval of third-party funding for the Stefan George Edition Project: Talks by the German Research Foundation (DFG), student assistants Dietrich Hofmann and Kay Heiligenhaus

14.05.1997 Habilitation lecture (on Goethe's Werther) and colloquium; Venia legendi: Modern German Literary History

26.06.1997 Granting of the right to examine within the framework of the First State Examination for the teaching profession (Sek.I/II)

01.07.1997 Granting of the right to take examinations within the framework of the Master's programmes

10-19.11.1998 Invitation to the Universitá Roma Tre as part of the DAAD exchange programme

15.11.1999 Elected 1st chairman of the Peter Klein Literature Forum e.V. (Aachen)

21.01.2000 Birth of son Georg

May 2000 Appointed to the editorial board of the magazine Castrum Peregrini (until the magazine ceased publication in 2007)

22.10.2000 Elected Deputy Chairman of the Stefan-George- Gesellschaft e. V. (Bingen)

01.08.2001 to 31.07.2003 Approval of third-party funds for the Stefan George Edition Project: Talks by the Stichting Castrum Peregrini, staff member Bruno Pieger

2002-2006 Editor of the book series Figures around Stefan George in the Castrum Peregrini Press

25.04.2002 Re-election as 1st chairman of the Peter Klein Literature Forum e.V. (Aachen)

05 - 07 October 2003 Concept, organisation and scientific direction (together with Bernhard Fetz) of the symposium "Hans Lebert on the 10th anniversary of his death" in Palais Wilczek, Austrian Society for Literature, Vienna

22.11.2003 Re-elected Deputy Chairman of the Stefan George Society (until 2006)

13-15.02.2004 Concept, organisation and scientific management (together with Bertram Schefold and Wolfgang Graf Vitzthum) of the symposium "Scientists in the George Circle" in the Stefan-George-Museum, Bingen

05.05.2004 Award of the title of an apl. professor by the Department of Philosophy of the RWTH Aachen

11.05.2004 Re-election as 1st chairman of the Peter Klein Literature Forum e.V. (Aachen)

28.09.2004 Appointment as expert witness for the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

2005 the poetry collection "In der Sprache Zwie" was published by Die Scheune, Dresden

25.01.2006 Election as 1st Chairman of the "Walter Hasenclever Gesellschaft", Aachen, resignation on 10.02.2014

Since 2006 Member of the editorial board of the magazine Flandziu

2006 -2012 Deputy Chairman of the Wolfgang Koeppen Society

June 2007 joined the editorial team of "Neues Killy" as a consultant for authors born between 1870 and 1950

From 14-16 October 2010, together with Prof. Dr. Grazyna Szewczyk, I organized the conference "The Second World War in German and Polish Literature, Film and Music" at the Silesian University of Katowice (Poland). The conference was supported among others by the State Chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia and proRWTH - Friends and Sponsors of RWTH Aachen University.

From May 8-11, 2013, I organized the conference "Essay Studies of Modernity (1918-1950)" together with Prof. Hans-Edwin Friedrich and PD Dr. Michael Ansel at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel. The conference was supported by Thyssen.

October 1, 2012-30 April 2017 Member of the Study Group of the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg "Stefan George: Poetry and Personhood