During Your Studies


Our Courses of Study and their Examination Regulations

The most important orientation in the study for the choice of seminars and lectures, for the examination achievements to be accomplished, practical courses etc. offers the examination regulations of the respective degree programme.
(Our courses of study).

The respective examination regulations also describe the requirements to be fulfilled for the registration of the Bachelor's or Master's thesis.

Detailed descriptions of all study programmes can also be found on the RWTH website.

The current examination regulations can be found under the Official Announcements of the RWTH:

Prüfungsordnung B.A. Literatur- und Sprachwissenschaft

Prüfungsordnung B.A. Lehramt Deutsch GyGe/BK

Prüfungsordnung M.A. Literatur- und Sprachwissenschaft

Prüfungsordnung M.Ed. Lehramt Deutsch

(Please note that there may also be changes and corrections to an order.)


For questions for which the information on the websites of the institute, the Department of Literature, Linguistics, Philosophy, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities or the central Advising and Services of the RWTH does not help, there are various contact partners.
If you have concrete problems registering for seminars and lectures in RWTHonline, you should contact the relevant campus/RWTHonline team.
If you have other organisational questions, e.g. a change from a Bachelor's degree in Literature and Linguistics to a Bachelor's degree in Teacher Education, the relevant study advisors will be happy to help.
You can also find information on stays abroad and internships on our pages or those of the Faculty of Philosophy.

The staff at the Central Examination Office, who are responsible for the respective study programmes, will be happy to help you with the administration of the examinations you have taken, with problems with registrations for examinations and with the registration of your Bachelor's and Master's theses.

Prefer Master Modules

Even before completing your Bachelor's thesis, you may be able to take part in Master's courses. If 120 CP have already been achieved in the Bachelor's programme, it is possible under certain conditions to prefer individual Master's modules. Further information can be obtained from the respective specialist advisors for the Master's programmes.

Bachelor's and Master's theses

Once the required number of credit points (see examination regulations) has been reached, the thesis can be written. This must be registered personally with the ZPA. In addition to helpful advice, there is also the form on which the title of the thesis is entered and signed by the experts. The work is reviewed by two teachers. The planning of the Bachelor's or Master's thesis should begin with preliminary considerations on a possible topic and the selection of a first reviewer who will supervise the thesis. You should bear in mind that the first reviewer must have at least a Master's or Magister's degree in order to supervise the Bachelor's thesis. A doctorate is required for the Master's thesis.

Teaching Materials

Important teaching materials can be found under Forms & Resources - or for the respective event in RWTHmoodle, the central web-based learning platform of RWTH Aachen University.