Before Your Studies


The Institute

The Institute for Germanistic and General Literary Studies at RWTH Aachen University teaches and conducts research in the fields of Older German Literary Studies, Modern German Literary Studies, General and Comparative Literary Studies and Literary Didactics.


Range of studies

The courses offered by the institute aim to educate specialists in literary and cultural studies whose broad historical knowledge and analytical skills enable them to independently familiarise themselves with complex contexts, to behave critically towards them and to communicate them.

The Aachen Bachelor's degree program focuses in particular on the early methodological orientation of the program and on guidance in the independent development of larger text corpora.

In the Master's degree program, the consistent crossing of narrow national language and disciplinary boundaries is particularly promoted, which is a prerequisite for the indexing of the literary history of forms of knowledge or editing practice.

A national unique position has the teaching and research area "European-Jewish Literary and Cultural History", which was set up to create the appropriate position for Jewish authors in the German-language literatures.


Teacher training or specialist studies

The first year students of the institute have to choose whether they want to take up a teaching profession or a subject.

The Teacher Training Course prepares students for a teaching profession in German at grammar schools and comprehensive schools or vocational colleges and is run together with the neighbouring Institute for Linguistics and Communication Studies, which is responsible for the linguistic part of the course.

The "Literature and Linguistics" program, on the other hand, trains generalists. The course does not aim at a pre-defined profession, but at the development of a unique profile according to personal interests and competences. The internships, which are firmly anchored in the studies, help to trace one's own professional career. The graduates of the course, which the Institute of German and General Literary Studies, together with the Institute of English, American and Romance Languages and Literatures and the Institute of Philosophy as its partners in the "Literature and Linguistics" section of the Faculty of Philosophy, supports, today, work in many different fields.

Our Master's Courses

The M.A. in Literature and Linguistics continues the philological-interdisciplinary approach of the Bachelor program of the same name.
The 4-semester Master's program "Teaching German at Vocational Colleges" or "Teaching German at Grammar Schools and Comprehensive Schools" follows on from the 6-semester Bachelor's program.

A Master's degree program can be taken up in both the winter and summer semesters.