Sinne und Synapsen


Internet Project: "Senses and Synapses. Critique of Knowledge and Change of Perception in Classical Modernism and Constructivist Postmodernism" (the acquisition of third-party funds is in preparation).

At the centre of the project is the question of reality constitutions and world picture designs at the interface of sensory physiology, neurophysiology, cognitive criticism, literature, fine arts and new media - around 1900, in Expressionism and in the present. The approach is interdisciplinary and comparative; the focus is on European literature (and art). The juxtaposition of the two turns of the century serves to illuminate each other's epochs; the point of reference is formed by insights into the working and functioning of the brain and the "emergence" - "construction" - of an incommensurably differentiated world of perception. We understand the relationship between literature/art and the natural sciences as complementary and ask about their respective contributions to the perception and constitution of reality. Students from the fields of medicine, literature and art history work in the project group. The web designer (Dipl.-Des. Kai Oetzbach) is a lecturer at the Fachhochschule für Design, who has already designed the layout for the Aesthetics Book.