Opening Hours


Dear users,

In addition to the pandemic consequences, our library is currently facing other unusual challenges: We have taken over part of the book collection of the closed Romance Studies Library and, at the same time, have to dissolve the external location of the remaining book collection of the former Comparative Literature Library. In the process, we have been granted joint use of an archive room in Theaterstraße.

Tens of thousands of books have to be moved and thousands have to be re-cataloged. As a result, most of the workspaces in the library are currently occupied by books. Consequently, it is not yet possible to use the workstations as before the pandemic. In addition, hundreds of books are on loan.

During the two Corona years, the lending operation has run smoothly. We would like to thank you all for this!

Until the library can be used again as a reference library as usual, we would like to continue the Corona lending operation. In addition, we are able to offer a limited number of workstations between the piles of books.

If you would like to use a workstation or borrow books, please contact us by .

To borrow books, we need you to provide us with the signatures of the books you wish to borrow. You may find them in our online catalog.

We will assign a time slot within the bounds of possibility.

Please note:

In the interest of all users, a maximum of 10 items may be borrowed at the same time. The loan is valid until it is recalled, but no later than the resumption of reference service.

In accordance with the agreement between the student's committee and the Rectorate, please remember to wear face mask when visiting the library.

We kindly ask for your understanding!