Library Guide


Visiting the library

Please place bags in the lockers and storage compartments.
Please switch off your mobile phone completely.
Please do not remove any cards from the catalogues.

Further rules for the use of the library can be found in the Library Regulations. [Benutzungsordnung]

Book list

The books are freely accessible by subject group:

1.1 Nachschlagewerke
1.2 to 1.9 Literatur- und sprachtheoretische Grundlagen, Deutschdidaktik etc.
2.1 to 2.7 Angrenzende Gebiete, for example Philosophie, Geschichte, Theaterwissenschaft
3.1 Wörterbücher und Schriften über die einzelnen Sprachen
3.2 Literaturgeschichte
3.3, 3.4 Große bzw. kleine Textsammlungen (Anthologien)
3.5 to 3.8 Deutsch-jüdische Literaturwissenschaft
4.1 to 5.5 Werke deutschsprachiger Schriftsteller und Monographien über ihr Leben und Werk
6.1 to 6.10 Komparatistik, fremdsprachige Schriftsteller
Z Zeitschriften-Bände
J Jahrbücher

A plan of the functional group system is located on the side of the Alphabetical Catalogue.


The location of each book is precisely determined by the signature on the spine label.
Most of the signatures on the spine of a book are two-line; at the top is the basic signature, at the bottom the author's abbreviation, possibly with work counter:



Grundsignatur: 1.2 = "Sprachwissenschaft"
Verfasserkürzel: CHO = "Chomsky, Noam"
Werkzähler: 5 =

6. Buch von Chomsky in dieser Sachgruppe
(Das 1. hat keine Nummer: 1.2 CHO)

Especially for the location groups 4.1 to 6.10, the signatures on the back label are usually three lines long:




Grundsignatur: 5.2 = "Klassik und Romantik (1770 to 1830)"
Erstes Verfasserkürzel: GOE = "Johann Wolfgang Goethe"
Art der Veröffentlichung: 7 = "Sekundärliteratur zum gesamten Werk"
Zweites Verfasserkürzel BER = "Ferdinand Berger"

The following digits appear as indicators for the "type of publication":
1 = publication of a work
2 = partial collection
3 = Letters, diaries, conversations
4 = individual works
7 = secondary literature on the author and/or his complete works
8 = Secondary literature on individual works of the author

There can also be movement counters for the three-line signatures.

If required, they also occur:
Superscript numbers for volume counting in the case of multi-volume works, for example 1.2 CHO 4³
Lower case letters for multiple copies, for example 1.2 CHO 6 c

The call number "5.2 GOE 7 BER 2¹ a" would thus characterize the second copy in the library of the first volume of a multi-volume work by Ferdinand Berger on Goethe and/or his work.

To ensure that the books remain findable, it is essential that they are returned to the correct location after use!

Special Locations

Books that are not regularly placed on the shelves will be marked accordingly in the catalogues, for example "loan desk".

Books that are locked in the glass cabinets are marked with "HB/B". If necessary, please contact the library staff.

Library Card

The books of the "Germanistische Bibliothek" should be available to all users at all times. For this reason they may not be borrowed. There are two exceptions to this rule: short-term lending for copying and weekend lending, for which a valid library card is required. The library card is issued by library staff. Please bring your identity card, your student card and two passport photos.


The computers are intended for research. Access to the computers will be granted to Germanists and communication scientists upon presentation of their student card.

Copy Machine

The photocopying machine works with coins as well as with the photocopy cards that are available in the university library.

Book Suggestions

If you would like to make suggestions for acquisitions, please contact the library staff or send us an e-mail.


The library staff at the circulation desk will answer all kinds of questions.