Tunisia Exchange


Exchange between the Teaching and Research Department of German and the Universities of La Manouba and Carthage (Tunisia)

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The Institute offers an annual exchange with the Tunisian Universities of La Manouba and Carthage. The aim of the exchange is to hold a transnational workshop in Germany (RWTH Aachen) and Tunisia (Université La Manouba or Université de Carthage) dealing with topics such as media literacy, migration literature or taboo topics. In this way, we would like to meet the increased importance of intercultural teaching and learning with new, especially digital, media.

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The annual exchange takes place in the form of two exchange weeks, one in Germany and one in Tunisia. In addition to eight Tunisian and eight German scientists, students also participate.

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In addition to the professional dialogue, the exchange also offers the opportunity to experience together with the Tunisian colleagues the country at the Mediterranean Sea, which is characterized by an exciting history (home of Carthage). Probably the most important gain - apart from the professional and cultural exchange - are the personal contacts with the Tunisians, from which all participants benefit to a particular extent.

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Student voices on the exchange

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The exchange with the two Tunisian universities was not only professionally informative and interesting, but also enriching on a personal level. I was given the opportunity to gain an insight into the diverse and incomparable culture of Tunisia. Discovering a country with locals not only leads to more authentic experiences, but also to fruitful dialogues. The selection of key topics provided excellent impetus for conversation, even outside of the official lectures and events. I am thrilled that contact with Tunisian acquaintances continues.

(Sophia, participant 2019, 2020 and 2021)

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I found the Tunisian exchange to be a great enrichment. We discussed exciting topics that also led to intensive conversations outside of the workshops. The topics were chosen in an exciting way and the participants' presentations were varied and interactive, so that I got to know many aspects regarding the different cultures.
I also liked the country Tunisia incredibly well, which was partly due to the fact that the Tunisian exchange partners showed us the country through their eyes, which is why we were able to get to know very beautiful places that you probably would not have visited as a normal tourist. The one week exchange has also intensively shaped the bond, especially with the students from Tunisia, so that we are still in regular contact with each other.

(Linda, participant 2019, 2020 and 2021)