DaZ-Module (DSSZ)



Technical knowledge is language-bound. Pupils with a non-German first language and/or from so-called educationally deprived backgrounds often show lower learning success than, for example, native-speaking pupils from educationally affluent families due to this language-bound nature of knowledge.

Teachers of all disciplines are increasingly confronted with a permanently more complex and above all linguistic heterogeneity of their students. To some extent, they are still helpless in the face of this situation.

Teachers are expected to deal with the multilingual reality at schools, to act linguistically sensitive and to consider and include the multilingual resources of their students in the subject lessons.

In order to meet this expectation, adequate university teacher training is needed, in which central competencies for the implementation of language-sensitive teaching are taught. That future teachers acquire these specific methodological competencies is essential for the academic success of all students. Language-sensitive teaching can therefore contribute to educational equity.

This specific university training is provided by the DSSZ module, which is offered at RWTH Aachen University in the Master of Education for all teaching professions.

In the following sections you will find information about
- about the DSSZ module and its contents,
- on the use of digital tools in language-sensitive subject teaching,
- the preparation and supervision of final theses, and
- best practice examples.

1. Beschreibung des Moduls / Das DSSZ-Modul (description of the module / the DSSZ module)

1.2 Vorbereitungs- und Begleitseminare (Preparatory and accompanying seminars)

1.3 Inhalt (Content)

1.4 Lernziele (Learning objectives)

2. E-Learning-Kurs (e-learning course)

3. Einsatz digitaler Tools (use of digital tools)

3.1 Beispiel einer Masterarbeit auf Moodle (Example of a master thesis on Moodle)

4. Unterrichtsentwürfe (Best Practice Beispiele) (lesson outlines (best practice examples))

5. Abschlussarbeiten / BA- und Masterarbeiten (final theses / BA and Master theses)

6. Kooperationen ProDaZ (cooperations ProDaZ)

6.1 Ringvorlesung (Lecture series)

6.2 Lernvideo „Spaghetti für Zwei“ (Learning video "Spaghetti for Two")

6.3 Sprachsensible Unterrichtsentwürfe (Language-sensitive lesson plans)

7. Literaturhinweise (Auswahl) (literature references (selection))

7.1 Prüfungsordnungen (Examination regulations)