DaZ-Module (DSSZ)



Module description DSSZ Copyright: © LFD RWTH

Since the winter semester 2014/2015, the module German for Migrant Students (DSSZ), DaZ Module for short, has been a compulsory part of teacher training for the Master of Education for all subjects.

The module consists of a lecture (2 SWS) and two seminars (2 x 1 SWS), which are offered accompanying the lecture and during the practical semester.

Topics of the lecture

  • Multilingualism in Germany / DC in teacher training
  • multiculturalism and pedagogy of diversity / language - thinking - culture - teaching
  • German as a second language: Definition
  • Language acquisition: first and second language acquisition, bilingualism, second language acquisition theories
  • Educational language as a barrier to success at school
  • Areas of competence reading, media, speaking, listening
  • Diagnostic methods for the recording of language and learning status
  • Language sensitive subject teaching: basics and concepts
  • E-learning

The lecture is accompanied by an e-learning course. As a practice-oriented learning offer, it serves as a follow-up, testing and reflection of the central theoretical contents taught in the lecture.

Accompanying seminars in the winter semester

The basic knowledge imparted in the lecture is deepened in a subject-specific way and substantiated with application-oriented tasks.

Accompanying seminars in the practical semester

In the seminars during the practical semester, the students are supported in the independent development of language-sensitive teaching concepts for the promotion of migrant and non-migrant pupils in the context of their respective subjects and accompanied in their practical testing.

Both seminars require compulsory attendance as well as regular and active participation (§ 5 paragraph 1 and module description subject-specific examination regulations 2017).

Module examination

The module examination consists of a 90-minute written exam that focuses on the development of competence in the entire module. Both seminars must be successfully completed in order to take the exam.


Coordinator and module representative .