Lousberg lines


Accompanying autonomous learning with motivating formats

Lousberglinien 1

Serious Game "Lousberglinien" for the lecture "Children's and Youth Literature

In the mystery-serious game "Lousberglinien" the contents of the lecture "Kinder- und Jugendliteratur", which is obligatory for all students of German as a Foreign Language at the RWTH Aachen University, and the in-depth topics of the Moodle course accompanying the lecture are linked with systematically arranged task formats integrated into an exciting plot. This allows the students to independently process, restructure and deepen the presented content in a way that is both motivating and enables reflective transfer.

On the other hand, the serious game itself, especially with regard to the sub-genres it uses, the narrative modes, task formats, game moves, motivational strategies, etc., used, is itself repeatedly the subject of the lecture sessions and the consolidation units of the accompanying Moodle course.

The playing students act as detectives who have to solve a criminal case at the RWTH. In the course of the detection, they are presented with various tasks through the game, which they can only master by reflecting on the content taught in the lecture or in the Moodle course.

  Lousberglinien 2

The game accompanies the students throughout the entire semester. With each lecture session, they are provided with further content and competencies that help them to solve the criminal case.

In the lecture, typical approaches of children's and youth literature poetics are explained or literary phenomena such as change of perspective, reader guidance, character constellations, etc. are examined in comparison with their manifestations in traditional children's and youth literature media.

  Lousberglinien 3

In this sense, content and form are intertwined in the mystery-serious game in a fruitful and unprecedented way.