Further education DaZ full version


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Start of further training: 10/8/2021

Application deadline 14 days prior to start of training.

Duration: approx. 1 year (no seminars during school holidays)

Credit points: 30 ECTS

Costs: free of charge


Further Education German as a Second Language - Full Version

Participants acquire profound theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of DZ. They learn how to plan, conduct and evaluate DC lessons on the basis of professional and didactic knowledge. Graduates of the full version are able to give DaZ language courses in the field of adult education.

Here you find an overview of the contents and dates for the full version.

Target group

  • Teachers in adult education
  • Teachers in the teaching profession or in preparatory service for teaching positions
  • Students with a Bachelor degree


Participants who are regularly present and have a positive evaluation of a portfolio will receive the certificate "German as a Second Language" with a list of all completed modules.

Admission requirements for the DaZ additional qualifications

Anyone with a first degree qualifying them for a profession or with current student status can apply. Details on the allocation of places are described in the examination regulations.

The following documents must be submitted in due time for the application:

  • completely filled out and signed application form
  • signed tabular curriculum vitae
  • Original or certified copy of the degree certificate
  • with students: Original or certified copy of the university entrance qualification
  • for students: current certificate of study
  • in the case of foreign university entrance qualifications: Proof of sufficient command of the German language (e.g. DSH, level 2 or an equivalent certificate)

Please send the documents in due time by .