Subject related introduction for first-year students


Subject related introductions for new students of the B.A. Philosophy, Literature and Linguistic Studies and B.A. Teaching German as well as for students of the new Master’s Degree Program German and General Literature will take place on October 5, 2022 at the following times:


B.A. Philosophy, Literature and Linguistic Studies:
8.30-9.30 h, C.A.R.L., Claßenstraße 11, Room H 07 (1385/104)

B.A. Teaching German:
11.30-12.30 h and 13.00-14.00 Uhr, Wüllnerstraße 1, Room HKW 2

M.A. German and General Literature:
14.30-15.30 h, Humboldthaus, Pontstraße 41, seminar room on the first floor

To kick off the new Master’s program, you are invited to a small drink right after the introductory event. The drink takes place in the Humboldthaus or – in good weather – in the courtyard of the Humboldthaus.