Workshop “Small prose and Microformats“ on February 5th, 2022: 14:00-17:00 h, online


Sometimes called 'prosetry', 'twitterature' or 'texticules': Short and briefest prose texts and microformats dominate the current literary scene. Concisely and succinctly formulated and not infrequently published in small format, they are suitable for quick consumption and circulation - or stimulate deeper reflection. Against all appearances, these microgenres have a long history. The virtual workshop "Small Prose and Microformats" is dedicated to this history, starting with the novella and tracing transformations of short and shortest prose texts in their complex interconnections from the early 19th century until today. Florian Fuchs (FU Berlin) will give the keynote address. Students of RWTH Aachen University under the direction of Sourenna Djafari and Jan N. Claßen organized the workshop discussion. 



14:00 Christiane Frey (RWTH Aachen) / Sourenna Djafari (RWTH Aachen): Introduction

14:10-15:00 Uhr: Florian Fuchs (FU Berlin): The Novella as a Social Form and Configuration

15:00-16:00: Stephanie Petras (RWTH Aachen): Literature meets Instagram

16:00-17:00: Jan N. Claßen (RWTH Aachen): Miniatures of Literary Writing Today - A Workshop Discussion

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