Excerpts, Notes, Slips of Paper: On the History of Mobile Knowledge and Writing


This workshop focuses on what has long received little attention in research: Forms and practices of reading and writing, and of collecting and organizing bodies of knowledge, that take place before or at the margins of what is readily called the work (cf. Cevolini 2006; Ann M. Blair 2010; Décultot 2017). In a very concrete sense, it is about notes and excerpts as the result of active and segregative reading, about the process of note-taking and glossing, about mobile knowledge, about the material paper form of the note, and finally also about modes of sorting notes, such as those used in the notebox method. Because these forms and procedures of reading, writing, and sorting have a long history, we address this topic not only in methodological but also in historical terms. This virtual workshop, which emerged from a colloquium at RWTH Aachen, invites open discussion.



Exzerpte, Notizen, Zettel: Zur Geschichte mobilen Wissens und Schreibens Copyright: © Frey, Christiane

14:00-14:15: Welcome and introduction: "Von Exzerpten und anderen Notizen" (Christiane Frey)

14:15-15:00: Christian Moser (Bonn): "Gehen – Schreiben – Meditieren in der alteuropäischen Selbstkultur"

15:00-15:45: Timothy Attanucci (Mainz): "Notizen zwischen Werkgenese und Werkförmigkeit (Goethe, Handke)"

15:45-16:30: Benjamin Steiner (München): "Warburgs Wissen, Zettels Ordnung. Beobachtungen zur Ideengeschichte in der Bibliothek Warburg"

Organized by Christiane Frey, Anna Langkowski, and Geraldine Risse.

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