Exam registration SoSe 2021


Please register for your exams in RWTHonline from May 15, 2021 - at the latest 7 days before the respective exam date.


Exam registration SoSe 2021

The exam registration has to be done in addition to the registration for the courses already done!

To do so, go to "Study Overview - Curriculum Support" in RWTHonline.
There you can open the module in which you want to take your exam and select the corresponding graded paper.
In the examination course you have to scroll to "Examination dates and registration", where you can register for the desired examination. You will find more detailed information on the exam when you have clicked on "Register".
Please make sure that you select the correct position in the study plan (the correct module) for the examination and whether you have selected the graded or ungraded examination before you register.
Cancellations of examinations are possible up to 3 working days before the examination date.

Contact persons for questions or problems with RWTHonline

(e.g. also to examinations for courses from previous semesters):