Exam registration winter semester 2023/2024


Please register for your exams in RWTHonline from November 15, 2023 and not later than 7 days before the respective exam date.


Exam registration winter semester 2023/2024

The exam registration has to be done in addition to the registration for the courses already done and for both types of exams graded or ungraded!

To do so, go to "Study Overview - Curriculum Support" in RWTHonline.
Here you can browse the module in which you want to take your examination and select the corresponding exam performance.
In the exam session you have to scroll to "Examination dates and registration", where you can register for the desired exam. Please choose the exam performance for the correct course! You will find more detailed information on the examination by clicking on "register".
Please make sure to select the correct position in the study plan (the correct module) for the examination and whether you have selected the graded or ungraded examination before you register. At the "bottom left" you will find information on which examination for which seminar is involved in the respective procedure

Cancellations of examinations are possible up to 3 days before the examination date.

The exact deadlines for each examination can be found on RWTHonline.

Special deadlines:

BA Philosophy, Literature and Linguistics (BA PLuS) and BA Teaching German, PO 2020
In the BA PLuS and BA Teacher Training 2020, the preliminary examinations/module components must have been completed before registration for the exam for the introductory lecture or the term paper in the proseminar is activated.

Introductory seminars NdL:
Registration for the "Prüfungsvorleistung zum Einführungsseminar NDL (Modul-baustein)" is possible until January 26, 2024 and registration for the exam "Modulabschlussprüfung zur Einführungsvorlesung NDL" (First date: February 19, 2024 / Second date: March 27, 2024) is only possible from February 6, 2024!

Proseminars with tutorial NdL:
Registration for the term paper in the proseminars does not start until February 7, 2024!

Master Teaching German, PO 2020:
The latest submission date for term papers is March 1, 2024.
This time, the deadline is stated in the registration information of the registration procedure so that grades can be entered earlier (especially for the timely transition to the preparatory service in May 2024).

Examinations from previous semesters

Students who wish to take examinations from previous semesters in Modern German Literature must contact the RWTHonline-Team NdL after consultation with their lecturer.

Please send an e-mail to campus@germlit.rwth-aachen.de with all information (study program, matriculation number, examination performance to be taken with indication of the module, course number, semester information), as the “repetition date” has to be set up manually by us.

Contact persons for questions or problems with RWTHonline: