Reading by Joshua Groß as part of a project of the field of Modern German Literature

  Photo of Joshua Groß Copyright: © Charlotte Krusche

Joshua Groß reads on the subject of “New Manhood”

“[...] the future is everywhere, except in untouchability,” writes Joshua Groß (Anna Seghers Prize 2019, Hölderlin Prize 2021) in his novel Prana Extrem, published in 2022. In front of the panorama of the Alps, the narrator Joshua meets sixteen-year-old Michael – a talented ski jumper on his way to the top of the world – and his sister Johanna. When Joshua and his partner Lisa move into the siblings' apartment, a sticky-sweet summer develops between giant dragonflies, chupa chups and meteorites. Nominated for the prize of the Leipzig Book Fair, the novel tells of the feeling of being lost in the world and the attempt to create a place where relationships, sensitivity and openness can be tested anew.
On June 29, 2023, Joshua Groß will bring the Tyrolean Summer to Aachen and read Prana Extrem in alternation with his essayistic text Men with Weapons. The reading is conceived and organized by students as part of a project of the Institute of German Studies at RWTH Aachen. Together, an attempt will be made to bring the two texts into conversation with each other and to discuss them under the keyword “New Manhood”.

Date: 29.06.2023
Admission: 7:00 p.m.
Beginning: 19:30
Location: Raststätte (Lothringerstraße 23, 52062 Aachen)